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Using Code Auto-Complete



  • Adel Senhadji

    Code auto-complete works fine in all langages except for Java (7 and 8), there is no Intellisense feature in settings also Ctrl+Space doesn't give any suggestion.

  • Shailendra Chauhan

    Auto-complete still not working for Java 7, 8, and 15. 

    It is working for other languages. 

  • George (Bill) Elliott

    I guess I should submit a ticket or something... earlier today, my intellisense stopped working... or, it will work for a bit, then quit.  I have tried three separate browsers. Google Chrome is my main one, then I tried Firefox, and the illustrious Edge, but they ALL act the same way.

    I am using C#, BTW;


    Troubleshooting Techniques

    Reboot machine (even tried a total shut-down, unplug and restart)Open a new Challenge

    • Initial entry into the coding pane does render pop-up assistance (intellitype), but then stops.

    Open a new Challenge

    • Expand the Editor to full-screen
    • Same results regardless.  Sometimes the assistance appears, mostly it does not.

    Open a new Challenge

    • Change coding language to any of the other ones noted in this article.
    • Only seems as though C++ or Javascript (Node.js) will work for me



    I am on a Windows 10 Pro machine that is as up-to-date as I can be, I believe;


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